Joyful Noise Singing Workshops - Music for Everyone, Everywhere

The inspiration for Joyful Noise Singing and Voicecare Workshops came from the people who have come up to me at gigs or when I was singing as part of larger choirs and said, wistfully, that they had always wanted to sing, but had been discouraged at school, or since, because they didn't have a good enough voice, or couldn't hold a tune.

Everyone can sing, not everyone has a voice like Bryn Terfel or Beyonce, but everyone can sing.  Joyful Noise workshops are not about perfection, prima donnas or performance.  They are a chance for everyone to share in the joy that singing can bring.

Everyone is welcome at Joyful Noise workshops, but more experienced singers need to be aware that there will be no complex parts or harmonies, that the music is taught by ear, and that the aim is for everyone present to feel confident and happy singing as part of a group of like minded people.


I can also offer shorter workshops which are just about voice care.  This follows discussion on a business development course where people who use their voices a lot for presentations asked if I could devise a non-singing workshop to address voice care issues for those who do a lot of speaking.